Star Thai and Sushi in Venice is one of those places that when you walk in, you know you are about to have something special. Each plate is served as a work of art and the masterful flavors are unmatched. Consistently rated in the top 10 restaurants in Venice on our Venice Foodies Community group on Facebook, Star is the celebrity around town with a sister location in Siesta Key that has been featured on MTV’s “Siesta Key” reality show. This post is from one of our very first visits to Star, but we have been here many times since they opened a few years ago and always love it.

Star Thai and Sushi in Venice, Florida

As I mentioned, we’ve been to Star Thai and Sushi on many occasions, but the picture above is from the first time we took a friend of ours with us. Sushi is his absolute favorite thing to eat, and when the plate hit the table, I simply had to get a picture of his face. He was in awe from the presentation but was hooked from the first bite!

Our First Experience at Star Thai and Sushi in Venice

We were so thrilled when my father in law and his wife offered to take us out for lunch as our Christmas present. I have always valued shared experiences over physical gifts, memories are so much more valuable! After reading the reviews on The Star Thai & sushi Venice I simply had to go. We started off with Crab Rangoon, Miso Soup and Chicken Satay.


The Crab Rangoon was lightly fried, rich and creamy filling that was a little more cream cheesy than crabby, but nevertheless, the sauce accompanying it was deliciously sweet and sour with a pop of spice. Miso soup was served piping hot and the broth was really tasty. I hate to argue with Lisa, but there wasn’t one bite that I thought was bland. The chicken satay was flavorful and the peanut sauce that accompanied it was warm and rich.

Thai Entrees and Sushi

For entrees, my father-in-law and his wife both got different Bento boxes that they raved about, while my husband went with his normal Pad Thai (with Tofu this time!). (The Pad Thai was a lunch special that includes the egg roll, miso soup and a small side salad.) Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their meal… and I got my sushi. The Super Crunchy Roll looks just as delicious as it tasted. Crunchy tempura shrimp with cream cheese and asparagus topped with smoked salmon, tempura crunch and eel sauce for a creamy, crunchy, sweet and salty bite. It hit all the right tastebuds.

Most Popular Dish

Albeit a little on the pricey side, it’s a fabulous place to stop for a meal when you are craving over-the-top sushi. Be sure to try their famous Lobster Volcano Lava Roll, as the plate is just as impressive to look at as it is to taste. Salmon, cream cheese and asparagus wrapped up in rice & seaweed. It’s lightly deep fried topped with baked lobster, scallops and krab with a sprinkle of tobiko and scallions before being drizzled with a swirl of four flavor sauces to pull everything together.

We Love Star Thai and Sushi!

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