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Looking for products to show off your Venice Foodies pride? Here you go! All the fan merch you could ask for!

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  • Fresh Local Chicken – Blackburn Pioneer Company

    Blackburn Pioneer Company LLC offers a diverse array of products that blend traditional crafts with modern sensibilities. Their selection includes homemade artisanal items such as sourdough loaves, various flavored homemade extracts, and pasta. They also offer a range of wellness and household products like nontoxic cleaners, handcrafted lip balms, and natural laundry soap. For those interested in fresh farm products, they provide eggs, whole chickens, and more. Each item reflects their commitment to quality and sustainability. You can explore their full range of products on their All Goods page.

  • Karen Want A Cracker Adult Tee


    Laugh out loud with our “Karen Want A Cracker?” Parrot Tee, the perfect blend of tropical colors and tongue-in-cheek humor. It’s the ultimate humorous graphic tee to show off your fun side and love for playful puns.

  • BreadArtist Kosher Bakery in Venice Florida

    Fresh Baked Bread – BreadArtist

    Choose from a variety of Sourdoughs, Challahs, and Specials like Golden Focaccia Sticks and Sourdough Dinner Rolls. Order now to savor artisanal flavors!

  • Homemade Coquito

    Celebrate the holidays with A Little Bit of Everything’s homemade Coquito! Available in half-gallon ($30 Rum, $40 Hennessy) and gallon sizes ($50 Rum, $60 Hennessy). Order now at 941-391-1153.

  • 2oz Tumbler Shot Glasses with Metal Straws


    Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer or a fun addition to your festive table settings? “Soul in a Basket” doesn’t just weave wonders with their baskets but also offers these charming 2 oz shot glass tumblers! Each tumbler is a colorful expression of personality and pizzazz, perfect for toasting the season with a splash of…

  • Adult Gift Baskets

    Custom Designed and Personalized gift baskets.

  • Venice Beach Loggerhead Buddy – Kids’ Delight Tee


    Introducing our ‘Venice Beach Loggerhead Buddy Tee’ – where conservation meets cuteness in a big, sandy hug! This T-shirt is a shell-abration of Venice’s favorite marine friends, the loggerhead turtles. Watch your little one’s eyes light up with delight at the sight of these adorable turtles, donning flip-flops and crafting sandy fortresses under the warm…

  • Mermaid Squad – Kids’ Delight Tee


    Dive into the fantastical world of Venice Beach with our ‘Venice Mermaid Squad Tee’! This magical T-shirt is where dreams of the deep blue come ashore, featuring a bevy of beaming mermaids decked out in sunny shades and ready to ride the waves. Each mermaid brings a splash of color and character to the squad,…

  • Venice Foodies Shark Chef Adult Tee


    Get a taste of Venice with the ‘Shark Chef Tee’ – a splash of fun for your wardrobe, loved by kids and grown-ups alike!” Hook, line, and sinker! You’ve just found the catch of the day with our ‘Venice Foodies Shark Chef Tee’. This is where the culinary cool of Venice meets the playfulness of…

  • Venice Foodies Shark Chef – Kids’ Delight Tee


    Dive into fun with our ‘Venice Shark Chef’ T-shirt! Perfect for young foodies who love a dash of adventure!

  • Christmas in Paradise Santa Sleigh Ornament


    Choose from two delightful shapes – round and oval, and each ornament comes complete with a separate red ribbon for effortless hanging. Whether you’re adding a touch of Venice charm to your own tree or gifting a piece of paradise to a loved one, this ornament is a timeless keepsake that will bring holiday cheer for years to come.

  • First and Ten Original Hot Sauce

    First & Ten Original Cayenne Garlic Hot Sauce


    Introducing the Original First & Ten Cayenne Garlic Hot Sauce – a Louisiana-style heatwave with an unforgettable garlic twist. Packed with flavor and boasting a 7/10 heat level, this sauce is a culinary touchdown that has achieved legendary status.

  • First and Ten Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

    First & Ten Mango Habanero Hot Sauce


    Product Highlights:

    🔥 Heat Level 7/10: First & Ten Mango Habanero is no ordinary hot sauce. It’s a 7/10 on the heat scale, delivering a thrilling kick that’s not for the faint-hearted.
    🥭 Mango Magic: Packed with a robust mango flavor, this sauce maintains just the right balance – not overly sweet, but oh-so-tasty. You’ll taste the essence of the habanero pepper first, followed by the tropical embrace of mango.
    Delayed Heat: Brace yourself for a culinary adventure. First, the flavors dance on your palate – mango’s sweetness and the habanero’s rich, smoky notes. Then, just when you think it’s all sweetness, a delayed heat creeps in to ignite your taste buds.
    🍗 Versatile Pairing: This hot sauce is a star player in the kitchen. Drizzle it over wings, tacos, pork, and broiled shrimp for an instant flavor upgrade. Try it on eggs for a breakfast with a spicy kick. For a culinary touchdown, mix it with Goat Cheese to create a dip that’ll leave your guests cheering.
    🏡 Local Craftsmanship: First & Ten Hot Sauce is locally made, crafted with care and passion. By choosing this sauce, you support local artisans and savor the authenticity of homemade goodness.

  • These Rolls are Handmade T-Shirt – Embrace Your Delicious Self!


    Celebrate the uniqueness of you with our “These Rolls are Handmade” T-Shirt. This cheeky and delightful shirt is more than just apparel; it’s a delicious statement about self-acceptance and the joy of life’s little quirks. In a world that often fixates on ‘perfection’, we believe that true beauty lies in embracing your own unique, wonderful…

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    Our Vacation in Venice: Kids Printable Activity Book

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    This Activity Book bundles together a variety of puzzles, games, and crafts to keep children occupied during travel, rainy days, or any time they need a fun and educational diversion. Recommended for ages 4-10.

    Welcome to Venice! While you are here, check out our Family Friendly Dining Options, Family Meal Deals and Date Night Ideas!

  • “I Survived” Leather Patch Hat – Conquer the Roundabout of Doom!


    Behold, the legendary “I Survived” Leather Patch Hat – a comical tribute to Venice, Florida’s notorious “Roundabout of Doom”! Crafted with 100% bio-washed chino twill cotton, this hat is not just a fashion statement; it’s a badge of honor for those who’ve braved the perilous circular roads of our beloved city. Product Highlights: Material: Made…