One of the best things to come from this blog is the relationship I have built with local business owners. Restaurants are offered FREE promotions on the first Tuesday of every month and additional advertising and marketing opportunities are available through my main business, Sassy Content Creation.

How Does Venice Foodies Support Restaurant Owners?

Foodies Tasting Event at Blu Island Bistro
From Our First Event at Blu Island Bistro in 2018

As a restaurant owner, it’s hard enough to be a small business in this day and age. I want to help connect you with the community that you are serving! I want our community to see who you are as people and be able to share with the rest of the group about their experiences in your restaurant. As a work at home mom, my passion is in helping other small businesses succeed. Over the last 9+ years, I’ve built this online community with REAL people who live and eat here. As on June 2023, we have over 21,900+ members. When you consider that the entire population of Venice is just over 25,000, those are some great margins to talk to the people who are most likely to visit your business! I want to work together to ensure that not only will your business succeed, but that we both will continue to be able to call Venice “Home”.

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How Do You Handle Negative Reviews?

Negative reviews are bound to happen, we all make mistakes. In the event that a negative review is posted on the group, first, I will make sure that it is done is a constructive, respectful way. Then, I will tag you on the post so that you have the opportunity to answer the review. Once there is some resolution to the problem, I’ll close the thread to other comments, stopping the review from being brought back up over and over again. If you are interested in being notified of these reviews before they are posted, I am offering a VIP Notification membership for $25/month or $250/year. This also includes being added to my VIP recommendations list so that regardless of what group I’m in, I’ll tag your restaurant in relevant threads to help promote you.

Do You Require Payment to Promote Restaurants?

Absolutely not. I will never demand anything be given to me simply because of this group/site. I truly appreciate any kindness that is shown to me and the relationships that I’ve cultivated over the years because of this. I love sharing your promotions and helping your business grow. I do offer paid marketing opportunities outside of Tasty Tuesday. When it comes to activities on Facebook, I don’t allow my personal bias to influence things like poll results (for example, the top 10 restaurants, best burger, etc.). I truly let the people speak for themselves!

However, I do have ad blocks available here on my website if you would like to be featured on the website’s homepage or you can also offer a unique special for me to post on the website as an exclusive for my readers.

I also offer social media management services through Sassy Content Creation, which is my local virtual assistant business.

Host A Venice Foodies Event!

We have been so privileged to be a part of several events around Venice. My main business is called Sassy Content Creation, and I maintain brand management for small businesses. This includes social media management, virtual assistant duties, and reputation management.

Previous Foodies Events

From small lunch meet-up events to large scale private events, we customize each event to suit that restaurant’s needs and wants. You can contact us today to set up one for your restaurant.

Blu Island Bistro

Read about our incredible event at Blu Island Bistro.

Large Scale Events

We also participated in the Taste of Venice Event during it’s first year. This event had over 20 local restaurants and vendors inside Hotel Venezia’s ballroom. Tickets were sold in advance and at the door. Included in the ticket price was a sample from each restaurant as a taste of what their menu offered.

Here is the live video we shot from the event!

We have also done events at:

  • Tikka Indian Cuisine
  • Cucina Gloria
  • Scoops Ice Cream of Venice

and also at venues that are now closed:

  • Popi’s On The Island
  • Night Owl’s Eatery
  • Caffe Panini
  • Shark Bites Deli
  • Off The Wagon

Interested in Hosting?

Here is a sample menu from our event at Tikka Indian Cuisine. They were still relatively new to our area and many were unfamiliar with Indian food. This menu was designed to introduce small portions of a variety of items at a set price to entice our members to attend. The way this tasting was arranged was very well received and is the option I recommend the most to be successful.

This event was done on a day the restaurant was closed to the public. It ended up being so popular we had to add a second seating! Our total headcount for the night was 70!

I Look Forward To Working With You!

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