Welcome to Venice Foodies’ Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide! ‘Tis the season to spread joy and celebrate the magic of giving. As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, we invite you to embark on a shopping adventure that’s not only delightful but also profoundly impactful. Venice Foodies is thrilled to present our carefully curated holiday gift guide, designed to connect you with the heart and soul of our community – our local merchants.

Where To Find The Best Gifts from Local Businesses in Venice

You’ll discover a treasure trove of unique, handcrafted, and locally sourced gifts that are sure to dazzle your loved ones. We believe that the spirit of the season shines brightest when we support our small local businesses. That’s why we’ve gathered an array of categories to make your holiday shopping a breeze. So, join us in spreading warmth, supporting dreams, and making this holiday season truly special.

Venice Florida Themed Merchandise

Artisanal Delights

Explore a world of flavors with our selection of artisanal foods, including gourmet chocolates, freshly roasted coffee, and handcrafted cheeses. These delectable treats are perfect for those who savor the finer things in life.

First and Ten Mango Habanero Hot Sauce

First and Ten Hot Sauce

Locally made and delicious! First and Ten Hot Sauce is your passport to a world of flavor-packed heat. Crafted with passion and precision, their lineup of unique, handcrafted hot sauces transforms every meal into a culinary adventure you won't want to miss. Use code "VF10" to save 10% on your order.

ALMA Artisan Chocolates and Sweets

ALMA is your local haven for the finest handcrafted chocolates and sweets in Venice. Every treat, from their exquisite bonbons to delightful cupcakes, chocolate bars to whimsical cake pops, is a labor of love and creativity.
These delectable creations are not just visually stunning; they're a testament to ALMA's commitment to elevating your taste buds. With each bite, you'll experience the dedication and passion that goes into making these beautiful treats. It's more than candy; it's a journey of flavors and dreams, all crafted right here in Venice.
BreadArtist Kosher Bakery in Venice Florida


Microbakery selling kosher sourdough loaves and pastries! Order from BreadArtist's all-organic bread menu for Thursday pick-up! Featuring a variety of Sourdoughs, Challahs, and Special breads like Focaccia Sticks and Dinner Rolls. Experience artisan bread like never before!

Nicole’s Niche Inc – Crafty Creations

Nicole's Niche Inc is your destination for crafty holiday creations and delectable treats, perfect for festive table settings and delightful gifts.

Shady Creek Bee Farm

This holiday season, treat your loved ones to the gift of pure, local honey, NUC's, and mated Queens from Shady Creek Bee Farm. Sourced sustainably and crafted with care, these treasures not only delight the taste buds but also support our vital pollinators. Share the magic of their thriving bee community and the joy of nature's sweetness this holiday season.

Made With Love

Step into the world of bespoke culinary delights with Made with Love, where each custom charcuterie board brims with the artistry of flavor. Offering a symphony of gourmet treats, from savory meats and exquisite cheeses to hand-picked accompaniments, these creations are perfect for connoisseurs and casual snackers alike. Ideal for gifts or gracing your gatherings, these boards promise an unforgettable epicurean adventure tailored to your tastes.

Home for the Holidays

Transform your loved ones’ homes into cozy havens with locally crafted home decor, candles, and artwork. From handmade pottery to one-of-a-kind furniture, our local artisans have your gifting needs covered.

Sherri’s Shark Shop

Sherri's Shark Shop is a holiday haven for shark enthusiasts, offering a delightful array of shark-themed ornaments, captivating artwork, and personalized welcome or family signs. These unique and eye-catching items add a splash of oceanic charm to any festive decor, making them perfect gifts for friends and family who admire the majestic allure of sharks. Dive into the holiday spirit and make a statement with a gift from Sherri's Shark Shop!

Photos by Sandi

Photos by Sandi offers a stunning collection of photo notecards, featuring captivating scenes from local spots and exotic destinations around the world. These versatile cards are perfect for sending thoughtful messages or even framing as small art pieces, making them excellent gift options. Don't miss the chance to see and purchase them in person at the community art fair on November 18th from 10am-2pm at the Renaissance in Wellen Park clubhouse, located at 11720 Renaissance Blvd, Venice. Open to the public, this event is a fantastic opportunity to support local art. If you're unable to attend the fair, Sandi is flexible and can arrange to meet up or bring the cards to you, ensuring you won't miss out on these beautiful, frame-worthy notecards.
Home Sweet Candle Co.

Home Sweet Candle Co.

Home Sweet Candle Co. offers a delightful range of home fragrance products, perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any space. Their clean soy candles, wax melts, room sprays, car freshies, and diffuser oils are crafted with care, ensuring a clean and long-lasting scent experience. These high-quality, aromatic products make for wonderful gifts, bringing warmth and a personal touch to homes and vehicles alike. Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself or surprise a loved one, Home Sweet Candle Co. has something special to elevate the ambiance and enhance the sensory pleasure of any environment.
Comic Art & Custom Charcoal Creations: RLC Art Studio

Comic Art & Custom Charcoal Creations: RLC Art Studio

View our mesmerizing comic art in charcoal, from iconic superheroes to villains. View Robyn Calkins’ upcoming event calendar and creations.

Fashion & Accessories

Elevate their style game with unique fashion finds, from hand-stitched leather accessories to bespoke jewelry. Give the gift of local fashion, and let them showcase their individuality.

Mickie's Marvelous Bowtique

Mickie’s Marvelous Bowtique

pecializing in unique bows, charming Minnie ears, custom decals, and bespoke shirts, each piece is crafted to add a sprinkle of magic to your wardrobe. Perfect for gift-giving, these tailor-made treasures are designed to capture the heart of Disney lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Wellness & Self-Care

Encourage self-care and wellness with a range of natural skincare products, scented candles, and holistic remedies. Show your loved ones that their well-being matters.

Tri-Healthy Hemp and CBD

Tri-Healthy Hemp and CBD

Tri-Healthy CBD offers a unique and thoughtful gift option this holiday season with their extensive range of high-quality CBD and Delta-8 THC products, perfect for those seeking relaxation and wellness. With something for everyone, from seasoned CBD enthusiasts to newcomers, a gift from Tri-Healthy CBD promises to bring a touch of tranquility and well-being to your loved ones’ holiday celebrations.

Pesky Bug Away

PESKY BUG AWAY SPRAY is the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts, offering robust protection against a myriad of pesky critters including no-see-ums, mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, and more. It’s more than just a repellent; it also provides care for your skin against the sun and dryness. This spray is a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves to spend time in nature without the worry of unwanted insect guests, ensuring their outdoor experiences are enjoyable and pest-free. Give the gift of comfort and defense with PESKY BUG AWAY SPRAY, and let your loved ones savor the great outdoors in peace.

Toys & Treasures

For the little ones and the young at heart, discover a world of toys, games, and collectibles that promise hours of joy and nostalgia. From handmade dolls to vintage finds, it’s a world of wonder.

Salty Dog Records Venice

Salty Dog Records in Venice is a music lover’s paradise, boasting an extensive collection of albums perfect for unique holiday gifts. With daily opening hours from 11am to 4pm, and the option of gift certificates, finding the perfect present for audiophiles has never been easier or more convenient. Make the season memorable with the gift of music from Salty Dog Records!

Pet Presents

Don’t forget the furry members of the family! Spoil them with locally crafted pet accessories, gourmet treats, and cozy beds. After all, they deserve holiday cheer too!

Creative Workshops and Classes

Encourage the gift of learning and creativity by featuring local workshops and classes. Options could range from painting and pottery to cooking and photography, catering to a variety of interests and skill levels. These classes not only provide a hands-on experience but also a chance to meet new people and perhaps discover a new hobby.

Debra Gmusic – Music Teacher and Vocal Confidence Coach

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
Debra Gmusic stands out as an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their musical skills, offering top-notch vocal coaching and lessons in various instruments. What sets Debra Gmusic apart is the convenience of being able to learn and grow musically from the comfort of your own home, providing flexibility and a personalized learning experience. Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Debra Gmusic offers tailored sessions to meet your individual needs, making it a fantastic gift for aspiring musicians of all ages this holiday season.
Artistic Flair Studio

Artistic Flair Studio

ARTistic Flair Studio is a gift shop and art studio in Nokomis FL. Classes include pottery, resin, wood signs, glass etching and more.

Antiques and Collectibles Market

Step into the charming world of our local antiques and collectibles shops, where every item—from vintage furniture to handcrafted artifacts—echoes a story from the past. These havens of history offer not just unique finds, but also a journey through time for collectors and gift-seekers alike, seeking that perfect piece imbued with timeless beauty and craftsmanship.

Venice Mercato on the island

Venice Mercato on the island

Walking into the Venice Mercato on the Island is like going back in time. It is a feeling. It is an experience. It is a creative community of the best collectors and artisans in the area, all under one roof, waiting to welcome you.From vintage furniture full of character and history, to unique acces…

Local Representatives Bringing Global Brands to You:

In addition to our cherished small local businesses, we also celebrate the local representatives who bring global brands to your doorstep. These dedicated individuals, whether they represent renowned names like Mary Kay, Tupperware, or other household favorites, offer you a personal touch and convenience like no other. Explore their offerings for trusted, quality products delivered with a smile. Supporting these local representatives is another way to keep our community thriving while enjoying the brands you love.

Diane Salhoff — Independent Beauty Consultant Mary Kay

Diane Salhoff — Independent Beauty Consultant Mary Kay

Ours is a business where selling results from a truly personal one-on-one relationship – a friendship.

Compelling Reasons to Support Small Local Businesses:

  • Unique Gifts with Heart: Local businesses offer one-of-a-kind gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. Each item has a story, a creator, and a personal touch that adds magic to your present.
  • Building Stronger Communities: When you shop local, you’re investing in the community you love. Your support helps businesses thrive, provides jobs, and keeps our neighborhoods vibrant.
  • Reducing Environmental Impact: Buying local often means fewer miles traveled for products, reducing the carbon footprint. It’s a small step towards a greener planet.
  • Personalized Service: Local merchants take pride in knowing their customers. Expect warm smiles, personalized recommendations, and a shopping experience that’s as unique as the gifts you’ll find.
  • Celebrating Creativity: Our local artisans and entrepreneurs pour their hearts into their creations. By choosing local, you celebrate the spirit of innovation and creativity.

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