“Imagine the joy of turning an ordinary day into an unforgettable one for someone. That’s what we’re doing with ‘Tips for Servers’ – our small way of saying a big thank you to those who serve us.”
– Alyssa, Venice Foodies

We’ve all had those moments in restaurants – the warm smiles, the attentive service, and that extra touch that elevates our dining experience. But have you ever wondered about the stories of those who bring this warmth to our tables? These servers are more than just faces; they are stories, dreams, and sometimes, silent struggles.

When Kindness Serves the Community: The “Tips for Servers” Project

I know those stories because I’ve lived them. From my days as a waitress at Denny’s and Waffle House, I remember times when the tips I earned barely covered my gas expenses. In these challenging times, an extra $100 could be a game-changer for someone juggling rising housing costs, bills, groceries, and childcare. Picture this: A Waffle House dining room, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingling with the sound of sizzling griddles. Amidst this, there I was – a young waitress, with a smile that barely hid the fatigue from long, relentless shifts. These were more than just busy workdays; they were chapters of a challenging journey, one filled with uncertainty and resilience.

From Hotel Rooms to Hopeful Dreams: My Story

My story in the food service industry really started when I began working at the Waffle House in Kissimmee on Seven Dwarfs Rd while we lived out of a motel. My now-husband and I were living in a rundown Motel 6 trying to live a life of adventure with barely enough money to pay for the room each week. These were days marked by a deep sense of unpredictability, where each shift’s earnings could mean the difference between comfort and concern. I remember vividly the weight of counting tips at the end of each day, often finding they barely covered the cost of fuel for my commute. The rest of my earnings? A meager amount left for life’s other essentials.

The Uncertainty of Motherhood in Tough Times

This journey took a different turn when I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter. We were now back living with my in-laws, but still not totally stable. Suddenly, the stakes were higher, the financial tightrope I walked, even more, precarious. Each day brought with it the anxiety of not knowing if I could provide for the life growing inside me. It was a time of profound uncertainty, where dreams for the future often clashed with the harsh realities of the present.

A Journey Towards Empathy and Action

These experiences were more than just hardships; they were lessons in empathy, resilience, and the undeniable strength of the human spirit. They instilled in me a deep understanding of the struggles faced by those in the service industry. And now, through the ‘Tips for Servers’ project, I channel this understanding into action, into a way of giving back and uplifting others who are walking the path I once did.

A Gift That Goes Beyond Money

This project was sparked by a powerful story of collective kindness – a group of friends who came together to transform their server’s day with an extraordinary tip. It struck a chord in my heart. What if we, as a community, could do the same? Last Christmas, I shared this thought with our Venice Foodies family. The response was a heartwarming echo of generosity. Together, we raised $230, and with joy-filled hearts and the extra $14 in cash we had on hand, passed it on to a deserving server at British Open Pub. Their surprise and gratitude were a vivid reminder of the beauty of giving and how fate can intervene to ensure our blessing ends up right where it needed to be.

A Moment of Kindness, Not a Quest for Recognition

In this age of social media, it’s easy to blur the lines between doing good and seeking acknowledgment. As a family, we discussed the best way to present these gifts and decided we didn’t want to be another cliche. We choose a different path. While we delight in sharing where we’ve been, the core of our project is the sincerity of the act, not the publicity. We’re committed to preserving the dignity and privacy of those we help. For us, it’s about being present in that beautiful moment of giving, ensuring it remains a pure act of kindness, from our hearts to theirs.

Join Us in This Heartfelt Mission

Your support can be a beacon of hope. Contributing is simple – use Venmo (@VeniceFoodies) or my Linktree Tip Jar and mark it for “Tips for Servers.” We guarantee that 100% of your donation goes directly to this heartwarming cause. We’re also dedicating 20% of our Patreon earnings to the project. To ensure absolute transparency and security, we’ve opened a dedicated savings account with Ally Bank, safeguarding every contribution until it’s ready to make a meaningful difference.

The Beauty of Chance and Community Input

Our approach to selecting restaurants and servers is a blend of randomness and community guidance. We believe in the magic of serendipity, allowing fate to lead us to the right place, at the right time. Your suggestions for restaurants are always welcome, as they add a layer of community insight to our decision-making. However, the final choice remains a surprise, a testament to our belief that sometimes, the best moments are those that are unplanned.

Let’s Weave a Tapestry of Generosity

Imagine the impact of our collective kindness. Each donation, each shared story, weaves together a tapestry of generosity that stretches across Venice. Let’s not just be a group of food enthusiasts; let’s be a community with a purpose. A community that not only savors the delights of our local cuisine but also nurtures the hearts of those who bring it to our tables. Join us in this deliciously meaningful journey. Let’s cook, dine, and most importantly, let’s lift each other up – one server, one smile, one extraordinary tip at a time.

Together, we can turn everyday moments into extraordinary memories. Let’s sprinkle generosity like it’s confetti and light up the lives of our local servers, one heartfelt gesture at a time.

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The Reinbolt Family of Venice Foodies

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