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Whether you are local resident or just visiting Venice, at some point you will want to venture out to the local restaurants. The Venice Foodies community has access to restaurants that serve locally sourced, fresh ingredients and artisanal preparations. In addition to these high-quality meals, there are plenty of hidden gems for those out-of-towners looking for a satisfying meal or two during their visit. Read on to learn about some of the best places you can find in Venice!

Meet The Family Behind The Venice Foodies

I’m Alyssa- a food enthusiast and full-time blogger. My husband, Jason, and I moved our little family to Venice in October of 2013 and were eager to learn about the local restaurants.

Our Family Moved To Venice in 2013

I started the Facebook group Venice Foodies to connect with our new community and hear real reviews of restaurants in Venice without the potential bias of major review-sharing sites. As the group grew, I began watching others swap recipes, inspire heated debates on pizza, and see the passion that food can bring out in an individual. I’m excited to be a part of it, and I hope this blog inspires you to cook and dine out to your heart’s (or your stomach’s) content.

*Please note: The ads on my blog may be sponsored, but all opinions and blog posts reflect my honest opinions and are unbiased. By shopping with my links or clicking on the ads, I may earn a marketing fee which helps to support my family! Thank you for reading!

What is the Venice Foodies community?

The Venice Foodies community started as a simple Facebook group intending to review the local restaurants in Venice, Florida. As the group grew, visitors who frequent the area, as well as those who live here during the winter months, began to join as well. Now, the group has grown to over 25K members and is a constant stream of reviews, local specials, news about what is happening in the restaurant scene locally and recipes that we share with each other. The group has spawned smaller groups such as the Virtual Farmers Market, Jobs for Venice Foodies and Feeding Our Neighbors.

The Virtual Farmers Market

A place where small home based businesses and farmers can share their products. During quarantine and the shutdowns, our small businesses that relied on the Farmer’s market were shut down. Without a venue to sell, many of these businesses were now suffering. Offering them a place to showcase their local goods was imperative to surviving! Now, we are still continuing to build this group because we believe that these small businesses still need a virtual place to advertise. There are some amazing small businesses that operate out of Venice, Florida. We want to make sure they get the exposure they deserve!

Jobs for Venice Foodies

We feel passionate about helping the future of our community who need a virtual way to find employment as many are moving to this area every day. The restaurant owners are struggling to fill their open positions and having this virtual job board allows them to connect in an easier fashion. If you are looking for a job in the restaurant industry in Venice then join the group and find your next job today!

Feeding Our Neighbors

Unfortunately, there are so many people in our community that struggle with food insecurity. During the shutdown, this was very prevalent. This group is a way to help us give back to those in need with their donations of food during times of disaster or if they simply need extra help. It also allows for a place for those who grow their own food, or who have simply cooked too much, to be able to post and share their abundance. Eventually, I am hoping to expand this group to include picking up and dropping off restaurant food excess, to “rescue” leftovers and redirect them from being food waste into food salvation for someone in need.

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