Bodrum Restaurant is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in Venice. Between the incredible service, divine flavors and the passion that the chef and owner has for the business, it’s a feel good restaurant that incorporates healthy eating while still feeling like a guilty pleasure. Cruise over to Miami Avenue, locate Burgundy Square Cafe and follow the alleyway to find Bodrum tucked in the back of the building. From the moment you walk up to the door, it’s like being a world away. The aroma of Mediterranean spices fills the room and makes your mouth water.

Our Experience at Bodrum Restaurant

bodrum in venice fl

Bodrum is one of the restaurants that we go to frequently because it consistently delivers the best tasting dishes and friendliest service. Each dish is always prepared with quality ingredients and dynamite flavors. The appetizers are a meal by themselves, with complex flavors that leave you planning your next visit.

On one of our visits, we had Haydari, Moms Potato Dip, falafel, sucuk izgara, and Carrot Tarator, a sweet shredded carrot and yogurt dish with walnuts that I adore. (I loved it so much that I recreated it for my healthy eating recipe blog, find that recipe here)

For dinner, Elena and I both had the chargrilled chicken kabobs were juicy, tender and spiced just right and served with a yogurt dipping sauce. We also enjoyed a hearty bowl of yellow lentil soup. Jason ordered the special kabob that had a tomato-based creamy sauce on top of gyro meat and crispy pitas. If given the opportunity he would probably lick the plate clean.

The desserts are sweet without being a sugar overload. Flaky baklava with crushed pistachios, a creamy rice pudding topped with cinnamon and baked milk custard. We finished our evening trying Turkish coffee, very strong with bitter undertones, but it was the perfect finish to sweet desserts.

What are the prices like at Bodrum?

The prices can vary greatly depending on what you choose. There are several appetizer options such as hummus, tzatziki, ezme, babaganush and more that quite honestly, could be a meal themselves for under $10. If you plan on visiting for lunch, they do offer a lunch menu from 11:30-3:30 with delicious wraps all served with french fries for $10-$14 each. Main courses are served with rice and salad and can vary between $19-32 per plate depending on your choice of meats.

What Dining Options are available at Bodrum?

Walking up to the restaurant, there are several tables in the covered alleyway for outdoor dining. The tables inside are spaced nicely apart if you prefer to be inside. As an additional option for those still not comfortable dining out, you can also order online for pickup.

Previous Venice Foodies Events at Bodrum

I love hosting events at various restaurants in Venice, and Bodrum is no exception. We were privileged to be invited for a cooking class event hosted by the chef/owner, Ersen Irsel, himself! We partnered with a local videographer who captured the event, and it was so much fun.

If you’re a restaurant owner and would like to host an event, contact me!

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