It may cost twice as much for a homemade Thanksgiving meal this year, even if all of it is. According to the US Department of Agriculture, turkey prices rose to $1.99 per pound this month because of inflation and other factors. By comparison, the average price was $1.15 per pound in 2021. All of your favorite sides are also expected to cost more to get on the table, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

How To Use Ibotta To Get A Free Turkey for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving dinner can be obtained for free once again this year, thanks to Ibotta.

Ibotta is offering a free Thanksgiving dinner for the third consecutive year. The company plans to donate thousands of meals to Feeding America this year to help people facing food insecurity across America.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta free thanksgiving

Ibotta is a cash-back app that you download to your phone or as a browser extension on your computer. You can browse offers at hundreds of nationwide retailers after establishing an account.

Choose the offers you want and go shopping. Once you’ve finished shopping, submit your receipt and receive money. You can either cash out immediately once you’ve reached $20 or buy gift cards. However, if you shop with Walmart, your can sync your account with Ibotta and it will automatically credit your account when your groceries are delivered!

IBOTTA wants to give you a free Thanksgiving!

Ibotta free thanksgiving

This promotion is available at participating stores nationwide from November 1 to November 23, while supplies last. Upon submitting a receipt, you will receive a certain amount of cash back for free:

*Note: Brand and size information must match Ibotta’s specifications.

The bottom of the home page of the Ibotta app has “Free Made Easy” and “Hot Deals” sections to browse for other good offers. You will find that there are A LOT of items that qualify for cash back! Since I have joined Ibotta, I have earned almost $1000 in cash back just from buying our regular groceries!

Ibotta free thanksgiving

Be sure to check the app before you hit the checkout line to make sure the deal is still available, and upload your receipt as soon as possible.

Sync Ibotta With Walmart and Get Your Groceries Delivered… and no need to upload receipts!

Why I Choose Walmart Grocery:

We have a Walmart+ membership that not only saves us the delivery fee for groceries but also saves us money on gas, free shipping on items we buy online and if we were to shop in-store, there’s an app for you to scan your items as you’re shopping and check out! Click the image below to get $10 off your first purchase!

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