When I first started to look at easy recipes for kids to teach my daughter, I thought about how my love of cooking started. It started at a young age watching my mother, father and grandparents cook. I was raised in a very loud, loving and stereotypical Italian family. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, grandparents… we all came together at the dinner table to listen to stories from the older generation and enjoy whatever dish was gracing the table.

Make Memories By Making Easy Recipes for Kids!

Some of the best memories I have as a child involve the kitchen. Whether it was my grandfather making brunch for us on the weekends before watching the Wizard of Oz together, my grandmother baking sweet treats for family and friends, our large extended family sitting around the table at holidays or waking up in the early morning hours to smell my father making escarole and beans when he came home from work. It is important to me that my daughter has a similar upbringing that translates into a love of the kitchen.

My Father serving our Easter Dinner for the family in 1997.
My Father serving our Easter Dinner for the family in 1997.

Watching Food Network

From the time Elena was a little girl, we started watching Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Woman” on the Food Network. We love creating her recipes and shopping at Walmart to find products that were featured on the show. Elena gets so excited when she sees the same tools Ree uses in our own kitchen. With so many adorable kitchen tools, appliances and home decor items, we are truly a fan of all the Pioneer Woman items. We even make a version of her Cheesy Crash Hot Potatoes that everyone goes crazy over!

What Are Easy Recipes for Kids?

There are so many recipes out there that have simple ingredients and simple preparations that are easy recipes for kids. My favorite recipe is our 5 cheese lasagna and my daughter would tend to agree. It’s the perfect side dish for her to make when I’m making something like maple balsamic pork chops. Just keep in mind not to underestimate your child, more than likely they are capable of making recipes that you wouldn’t necessarily think of. With the help of some of my favorite recipe bloggers, I’ve gathered a list I’ve put together a list of recipes that are kid-friendly, fun and easy to make.

Now let’s get into ready to eat meals that kids can literally just pop in the microwave themselves and still have a healthy meal!

What Is Yumble?

We discovered this meal subscription box that is meant for kids called Yumble. Each meal is fully prepared, nutritionally balanced and filled with hidden veggies that is served in kid-friendly dishes like macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets! While the recommended ages for these meals is between 12 months and 12 years, we have found that even the adults in our house enjoy them!

How much does Yumble Cost?

You get to choose how many meals are in each weekly box and yes, you can choose which meals are in the box! I usually get six meals in our boxes, as that covers busy school nights, but you can also opt for eight or even 16 meals each week! While most of the items remain the same on the menu, they do add new items and switch things around every month or so. There have been several boxes that also include extra goodies too! The meals range from $5.99 to $7.99 a piece, depending on the choices you make.

How is Yumble Shipped?

Each box is fully recyclable and made entirely of recycled paper fibers, and include insulated packaging. It’s delivered right to your door on your scheduled delivery day by 9 pm with tracking information emailed to you the Tuesday beforehand. The meals are fresh, not frozen (and shouldn’t be frozen, they are better fresh!) so you should aim to consume them that week. Just have your child pop it in the microwave!

What Did You Think of Yumble?

Elena loved it. We made a few tweaks to meals like the pizza pocket and the taco pocket, as they tasted better in the air fryer than in the microwave… but overall, it was a hit! Check out one of the videos we took of our Yumble Unboxing!

Our Unboxing of Our Yumble Box

Get Your Free Box of Yumble!

One of the best things about Yumble is their reward system. You earn points for ordering, adding your birthday and YES, referring friends! So when you refer a friend to try their own free box of Yumble, you’ll earn a FREE BOX for yourself!

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