I have this fabulous Air Fryer Surinamese Chicken recipe, after discovering this incredible marinade from Su Yum Foods. I have to admit, I had no knowledge of Suriname before learning about this marinade. However, I love learning about new cultures and cuisines! It turns out, Suriname is a small country on the northeastern coast of South America. It’s one of the few Dutch-speaking countries in the world, with a rich culture of folklore, music, cuisine, language, and arts. Surinamese cuisine is very diverse, with influences from Europe, Asia, and Africa. It’s a powerhouse of flavors, and this is another recipe you’re going to want to pin for later. But I’m sure you want to know more so… keep reading!

What Is Surinamese Cuisine?

Surinamese cuisine is a great example of a diverse cuisine with influences from Africa, Asia and Europe. The Surinamese people blend various healthy ingredients in their foods. During my research for this recipe, I discovered that a lot of their culture also depends on where their ancestors come from. Those that identify as Creole make many rice dishes like moksi alesi, traditionally made from leftovers, however in modern cuisine it is a mixture of fish or salted meat with rice and a variety of condiments such as sliced tomatoes, cabbage, onions, cucumber, fried plantains and some kind of hot sauce.

The Surinamese culture is rich in folklore, music, cuisine, and arts. The country’s diverse landscape ranges from the Amazonian rainforest to the savannahs in the east. Despite being a small country with a population of about 500 thousand people, it has a strong national identity that reflects its past as an important trading center for both Europe and Asia.

What Superfoods are from Suriname?

Some examples of Superfoods in Suriname include fruit like pineapple and tamarind; vegetables like cassava, coconut milk, pumpkin leaves, and okra; nuts like cashew nuts; spices such as garlic pepper and ginger root; fish such as snapper and shrimp; meat including beef, goat meat (called “kip”), pork (called “vark”); beans like black-eyed peas (called “bobotie”) and care and; rice (grown in the swamps of Paramaribo).

What is Su Yum Foods?

Su Yum Foods is a small business based out of Florida. They pride themselves on joining their love of food with their knowledge of Caribbean culture. They have several products on their website including the marinade and hot sauce mentioned in this recipe and other sauces, marinades and rubs.

How Do You Make Surinamese Air Fryer Chicken Wings?

Photo Credit: Kimberley Asante

The key to this recipe is using the knockout authentic marinade from Su Yum Foods. With notes of a thick, sweet soy known as Ketjap and Thai ginger, it’s the game-changer for the sweet glaze on these chicken wings.

What Side Dishes Do You Serve With Surinamese Chicken Wings?

I have found a number of recipes that would be great to serve with Surinamese Chicken Wings. I tried to stick to Creole and Caribbean flavors to match the profile in the marinade. Here are a few recipes that I would recommend:

  • Jamaican Rice and Peas: a delectable rice dish with coconut milk, allspice berries, and kidney beans that’s seasoned with garlic, ginger, and thyme.
  • Surinamese Bakabana with Peanut Sauce: Sweet Plantain Fritters with an Indonesian twist on a peanut sauce. Don’t mistake it for the Thai version, this is a totally different flavor profile you absolutely MUST try.
  • Puerto Rican Potato Salad: This is not your Momma’s potato salad, it’s creamy and actually calls for APPLES. That’s right, apples. Check out the recipe and serve this up at the next tailgate party with these Surinamese Chicken Wings!
  • Jamaican Jerk Grilled Eggplant: The smell of grilled meat marinated in Caribbean spices fills the air as you fire up your grill. In 15 minutes, you can create a delicious side dish that will be sure to impress any guest at your next backyard party or even just those who visit via Skype!
  • Jamaican Steamed Cabbage: This Jamaican Cabbage Recipe is one of those perfect side dishes that goes with almost everything. Quick and easy to prepare, it’s bursting with everyday fresh vegetables from the Islands paired up in a little slice of Caribbean flair!

Why do you wash your chicken before cooking?

You’ll notice in this recipe that it calls to wash the chicken first before marinading. This is common in the West Indies/Caribbean to rinse off chicken and fish with a mild acid like lemon or lime juice or vinegar prior to cooking. By using salt and lemon together with water, it ensures that you get rid of any unwanted dirt and bacteria. There is a common myth that washing the chicken removes the nutrients, however, that has been debunked by several scientific studies.

Can This Recipe Be Made In A Regular Oven?

Yes! This recipe can be made in a regular oven. You will want to make sure that you set the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and allow it to preheat for at least thirty minutes. I recommend using cooking spray before placing the chicken wings inside. Instead of having the aluminum foil in the air fryer as seen above, bake the wings on a wire rack (to allow any excess fat to drip off) for twenty-five minutes before flipping them over and cooking for another 20-25 minutes or until crispy. Allow them to cool slightly before dipping them in your favorite sauce, like Su Yum Foods Pineapple Habanero.

Air Fryer Surinamese Chicken with Su Yum Foods

Prep Time 1 day
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 1 day 25 minutes
Servings 4


  • Authentic Marinade
  • Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce


  • 2 lbs. party chicken wings
  • 1.5-2 cups Authentic marinade from SuYumFoods.com
  • Pineapple Habanero hot sauce to personal taste


  • Make sure to wash your chicken with hot water, salt and lemon. 
  • Dry your chicken after it has been washed a few times and put in a ziplock bag. Add the Authentic Marinade by SuYumFoods. Let marinade overnight (at least 24 hours). Make sure to flip the bag halfway, so all sides of the chicken get marinaded. 
  • Put a liner or aluminum foil in your air fryer and put the chicken wings in your air fryer. Drain excess marinade off. 
  • Set the air fryer to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook the chicken for 16-20 minutes (depending on size of your air fryer – you might have to cook in two batches) 
  • Serve with your favorite SuYumFoods hot sauce (I used the Pineapple habanero hot sauce). 
  • Enjoy! 

A HUGE Shoutout to Kimberley Asante – The Hungry Photographer

For the incredible photos of this recipe! If you are in need of food photography, Kimberley is the best!

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