We had a phenomenal experience tonight at the Norma Jeans Steak House Grill Room! I never expected to find something so upscale in a tiny strip mall. The interior is warm and welcoming, with the soft sounds of Sinatra in the background. Who knew something like this would be hidden behind a sports bar!

Our Night at Norma Jean’s Steak House Grill Room

Let me start by saying that our server, Alberto, was superb. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable about the menu, he recommended a few dishes and let us know about slight changes that may have affected our selections. He was friendly and provided some of the best service we’ve had in Venice.

Fresh Bread and Lobster Bisque

Alberto brought over a wooden cutting board with a fresh, hot loaf of bread served with an herb butter. The bread had a great crust and the butter had a delightful freshness from the herbs. It made a nice pairing for our first course, which was a crock of the lobster bisque. We were in awe of the considerably large chunks of lobster that contributed beautifully to the rich flavor in every bite.

For our entrees, I had the 8 oz sirloin, cooked medium-well, with asparagus and creamed spinach. Juicy and seasoned well, the steak was cooked just to my liking with perfect grill marks. The creamed spinach was made with fresh spinach, cooked down in a flavorful cream sauce that I would happily order again. As you may have guessed, I loved every part of my meal.​

Jason ordered the 14 oz boneless ribeye steak, ordered medium, and cooked just as he likes it, with the same great flavor and perfect grill marks. He agrees with my assessment of the creamed spinach.

His other side was originally macaroni and cheese, however, we both found it to have a strange sour note which Alberto said may have been the result of a new recipe from the new chef.

​He graciously traded it for a sweet potato with brown sugar and butter, which hubby liked much better.​

Little princess went for chicken tenders and rice… and as any child would, she loved it.

​As a mother, I have to make the point to say that I really appreciate how kid friendly they are! It was so nice to feel like I could have a really nice, quality dinner with my husband and know that there was something on the menu that our little girl would enjoy too!

As a treat, he sent us home with some delicious lemon Italian cream cake… which we all took a bite of when we returned home. Light, fluffy, with a sweet cream filling and subtle lemon flavor that (almost) overwhelmed my willpower against sweets. (Thank goodness for husbands that will take care of the temptations by finishing off the treats!)

All in all, we will definitely be adding this to our list of places to return to.
​We highly recommend you all give it a try before season starts!

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