We had a fabulous lunch today at Côté France, French Bistro, Venice, FL. If you are looking for a French restaurant on Venice Island, this is one to try. We were invited to come in and meet the new chef, Thomas Civallero, who took over in December and we were overjoyed to accept. It’s always exciting to try new places in town! Especially in this case because they LOVE the Venice Foodies Community and want to INVITE YOU TO COME VISIT TOO! Check out the fabulous offer at the end of this post for 10% off or a Free Glass of Wine!

Côté France in Venice

Cote France Venice Florida

Where is Cote France?

If you are walking around downtown Venice, look one block over across Centennial Park and you will see the Historic Venice Mall, also known as the KMI building. Along with a number of fabulous little shops, hair stylists and other professionals, you’ll find Cote France at the very end. It’s the little corner of paradise that transports you to a different world. If you’re searching for the official address then the answer is 218 Tampa Ave W, Venice, FL 34285.

Who is the new Chef Thomas Civallero?

Chef Thomas Civallero has come to Venice from Lyon, France. After 5 years in 2 stars Michelin Restaurant and 2 years as a private chef for a big french TV Star, he pursued his American dream, joining his friend here in our slice of Paradise at Cote France.

Our Experience

It’s small, but they maximize their space by having an adorable upstairs loft dining area, complete with a small elegant staircase that draws your eye in right away… it’s such a unique space! The wrap-around windows allow you to watch the world carry on as you enjoy your meal. It’s also notable to mention that they do offer outdoor dining, so if the weather is nice, enjoy it! We were greeted warmly as we walked in, as was everyone else who came in after us. Everyone is treated as an old friend welcomed back after a long visit. As we sat down, the specials board was brought over to us and we were told all about the various specials that were being offered that day. Then, our tour of the new menu began!

Bread, Soup, and Cheese, Oh My!

French Onion Soup at Cote France

We started with a basket of warm bread and butter, soft with a nice crust served with a cheese plate. There was a delicious salad in the center with a balsamic dressing and bits of walnuts that paired so well against the intense flavors of the cheeses. The thick slices of tomatoes at the base soaked up the dressing for a great bite. We easily could have made a meal out of it alone.

Then we had lobster bisque, French onion soup and of course, escargot. Admittedly, for a foodie, I can’t get myself to try escargot, but hubby loves them. He says they are cooked exactly the way they should be, melting in your mouth in a rich garlic butter that he simply had to sop up with the bread. The lobster bisque isn’t the cream forward heavy bisque that I’ve had elsewhere. This was light with a touch of creaminess and flavorful chunks of lobster, which was absolutely delightful. As for the French onion soup… that was cheese on cheese goodness (see the video on that cheese pull!!) There was subtle sweetness where a beefy undertone usually is, but it was absolutely delicious. Hubby and I couldn’t decide which one we liked better, so instead, we shared both!

Delicious Quiche!

Next up were the quiches. Quiche Lorraine and Quiche Brian… The flaky, buttery crust is what pastry dreams are made of. The Quiche Lorraine was packed full of bacon and cheese, (teetering on the salty side, so be warned if you aren’t a salt fan) and hit those comfort notes of yum. On the healthier side, the vegetable quiche, deemed Quiche Brian, was packed with light and delicious veggies that make you feel better about diving in for the crust first.

The Most PERFECT Burger… WHAT?!

Just when I thought we couldn’t take another bite, the salmon crepe and the French burger arrived at the table… and before I launch into a Hallelujah kind of foodie moment about this burger, let me tell you that the Salmon crepe was so light and perfectly cooked… the smoked salmon took on almost a bacon flavor as it mixed with the creaminess and the spinach.

We really liked everything we tried but that burger… watch out folks… there may be a new burger master in town. (My husband and I laughed the whole way home about how we are those “silly Americans” obsessed with the burger) In all seriousness though, this burger is downright sinful. Truffle oil and brie, perfectly cooked burger patty, green leaf lettuce and a thick slice of tomato… MY HUSBAND ATE THE VEGGIES Y’ALL!. We fought over that burger. We are craving that burger. We talked about this burger for HOURS after we got home. Do yourself a favor and go. get. this. burger.

Grab Your Coupon for Cote France!

Coupon for Restaurants in Venice

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