**Update** – As of March 31, 2022, This restaurant will be permanently closed. We wish the Longet family all the best in their future ventures, they will be missed!

If you’re searching for French cuisine in Venice, you need to check out Cafe Longet. It is nestled in at the end of the Miami Avenue strip. If you didn’t know it was there, you could very well miss it! Cafe Longet opened in 2016 and has risen to local fame as our Venice Foodies discover everything that it has to offer. The owner and chef, Steve Longet, takes great pride in preparing delicate plates of food that deliver consistently with flavor and finesse.

Visit Cafe Longet in Venice!

Curious about Cafe Longet? Let me tell you a little about this little gem! Be sure to check out their Facebook page to see what their current specials are, as well as what days they will have live music available.

What Are The Prices Like At Cafe Longet?

This is on the nicer side of the scale as far as prices go, but for the quality of the meal, it’s worth it. The naughty fries were $13 and the entrees were in the $15-$20 range at lunch time. For dinner, the entrees go up to as high as $29. Check out below, I’ve linked to their current lunch and dinner menu.

Do you need a reservation?

Reservations are recommended, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Click the button below and you can go right to their website and set up a reservation!

Our Experience at Cafe Longet

This particular visit was special as I had my little sister and another friend with us. Since my sister is the one that actually went to culinary school, I always try to take her to places I know will impress her. Upon walking in, the restaurant was bright and welcoming. We were seated and given menus that had a number of delicious descriptions of dishes and I watched my sister’s eyes light up as agonized over what to choose. Ultimately, we decided to start with the naughty french fries and for entrees, I went with the CAB (chicken, apple, and brie on a baguette), my husband and sister went for the Marseille Crepe and our friend went for the BCB (Angus burger with swiss and bacon).

Appetizer: Naughty Fries

The Naughty Fries

The fries were unlike any I have had in the area. They are cut like thin steak fries so that they are crazy crispy and served with melted raclette cheese and thinly sliced prosciutto. I can completely understand why they were given the name naughty. That cheese… oh let me tell you about that glorious gooey cheese. If you order nothing else on the menu, go for the fries.

Entree Time!


The CAB was a deliciously seasoned grilled chicken breast with thinly sliced apples, bites of brie and sweet honey mustard with lettuce and tomato on the best baguette I’ve had in the area. The bread is all made in-house. For those that understand the difference between northern bread and bread here, the crust was spot on and the interior was light and fluffy. I chose the house salad on the side; mixed greens with their house dressing and a delicious seed mixture.

The Marseille Crepe

The Marseille Crepe is a buckwheat crepe stuffed with a scrumptious creamed leek and topped with perfectly pan-seared scallops. I almost regretted not ordering it myself, but my CAB was so delicious I was content. However, I should mention that this was not available on the dinner menu. We learned this on another visit, but don’t despair. There is a flatbread version in the evening that hits all the same flavor notes and is just as delicious!

Our friend ate in silence, just in awe of his burger. He said that it was cooked well with caramelized onions and a secret sauce. He is a man of few words to begin with, when he’s still talking about a restaurant three weeks later, I know it made an impact.

I don’t know why we waited so long to try this place. It may have been our first visit, but it will not be our last. Add this to our hometown favorites!

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