Locals and visitors alike can enjoy a range of activities in Venice, FL, including amazing boat-up restaurants. Some of the best restaurants in Venice enjoy prime real estate locations on the water, so customers can experience both the sea and seafood.

Where Can You Find Boat-Up Restaurants in Venice, FL?

Amazing Boat-Up Restaurants in Venice, Florida

Whether you’re a local to Venice, Florida, or a visitor, you can appreciate the amazing boat-up restaurants the area has to offer. You can enjoy a beautiful boating experience and delicious food at these three dining locations.

All the options listed below are sit-down restaurant experiences, but you can find quick eats at various waterside locations throughout Venice as well. No matter what kind of dining experience you want, Venice offers it to you and your boat crew.

Admire Sunset Views at Dockside Waterfront Grill

dockside waterfront bar in venice florida

Located in the historic Fisherman’s Wharf Marina, Dockside Waterfront Grill has won awards as one of the top boat-up restaurants in Venice. It’s the perfect introduction to boat-up dining, and the northeast-facing marina location allows you to admire some of the best sunset views in Venice while you dine. The views make this restaurant a popular stop for boaters and land-dwellers alike, so make sure to join the online waiting list.

You can enjoy live music performances while you peruse the menu—the seafood is award winning, so consider ordering scallops, seafood chowder, shrimp tacos, or the fresh catch of the day.

Enjoy “Ole Florida” Vibes at Snook Haven

Locals enjoying the bar scene at Snook Haven
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Do you remember the “Ole Florida” before high-rises and interstates? Enjoy this easygoing lifestyle again at Snook Haven. It’s so close to the water that you can rent canoes or kayaks from the front desk and hop on a river tour during the right season. While you can’t dock right at the restaurant, you can dock nearby in Snook Haven Park.

The restaurant offers live music and an extensive smokehouse-style menu, which includes house-made barbecue sauces and various traditional barbecue meats such as pulled pork, shredded chicken, and beef brisket. It wouldn’t be a true Florida restaurant experience without some stellar seafood, though, and Snook Haven offers something special: gator bites.

Relax or Fine Dine at Crow’s Nest Restaurant & Tavern

crows nest

You can get off your boat right at Crow’s Nest Restaurant and head directly inside for delicious food. This spot is full-service, which means if you need fishing supplies or an overnight docking space to perform regular outboard motor maintenance, you can do it all there. Downstairs, you can relax in a casual tavern-style atmosphere for lunch or dinner throughout the day. Upstairs, you can settle in for a fine-dining experience during lunch or dinner hours.

You can’t go wrong eating in either the tavern or restaurant. If you’re in the mood for something like seafood baskets or burgers, stay downstairs in the tavern or visit during lunch. If you’re looking for multiple courses with entrées like lobster tail and filet mignon, visit the restaurant during dinner.

Find the POPular Eats at Pop’s Sunset Grill

pops sunset grill

Pop’s Sunset Grill originated from Urbanek’s Fish Camp, founded in the 1940s. After going through various iterations like the Silver Shark, Buoy Bar, and Britt’s Place, the current ownership took over in 2001, merging Pop’s Tropigrille and Urbanek’s. They maintained the Old Florida charm while renovating and expanding, adding amenities like fire pits and a tiki bar. Legend has it the name comes from the “pop” sound snook make at night. For over 20 years, Pop’s Sunset Grill has preserved its one-of-a-kind character, serving fresh local seafood and classic tiki drinks in a friendly, laidback atmosphere.

These are only three of the amazing restaurants you can experience in Venice, Florida. Land-dwelling locals looking for a new experience can dock at these locations, and visitors enjoying the water can take a break to enjoy the delicious food these restaurants have to offer.

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