Get ready to mark your calendars for an event that’s absolutely purr-fect! On Friday, December 8th, Big Cat Habitat along with Clipper Magazine and will be hosting its much-anticipated Big Cat Bash, and let me tell you, it’s going to be a wild ride! Imagine being engulfed in a world where the majestic roars of big cats harmonize with the melodies of live music. Where every step you take among the crowd of fellow enthusiasts is a step towards making a difference. Yes, this isn’t just a night of celebration; it’s a gala of giving back, of connecting with our community and the creatures we share this beautiful planet with.

Big Cat Habitat Charity Event

This event isn’t just a bash; it’s a mission of love and care. The proceeds are dedicated to providing a forever home to exotic and domestic animals in need. It’s all about creating a better future for these magnificent creatures and educating us all on the importance of species preservation. And hey, it’s also a celebration of the winners of the “Best of” contest by Clipper Magazine and Talk about a win-win!

What’s Happening at the Big Cat Bash?

  • Live Music: Get ready to groove to some fantastic tunes.
  • Prize Galore: Over $2K in gift cards from local restaurants, the Gasparilla Bowl, Bicycle Shops, Golf Courses, and more.
  • Animal Show: Experience the beauty and might of these incredible creatures.
  • Pony Rides for Kids: Little ones, get set for some equestrian fun!
  • Santa’s Coming to Town: Yes, you read that right! Santa’s joining the bash too!

Big Cat Bash is also stepping up to tackle food insecurity. At the gates, you’ll find bins eagerly waiting to be filled with non-perishable food items for All Faiths Food Bank. As food struggles rise, this simple act of kindness at the event can make a big difference in our community.

More Info About The Event:

In addition to being a charity event, there will also be a celebration for the winners of the “Best Of” contest run by Clipper Magazine. There will also be:

  • Live Music
  • Over $2K in donated gift cards to give away including local restaurants, Gasparilla Bowl, Bicycle Shop, Golf Courses and More.
  • Animal Show
  • Pony Rides for the Kids
  • SANTA will be there too!

What Food Options will be at this event?

There will be food trucks at the event available for you to purchase the food of your choice! A list of trucks has not been released yet.

How Do I Buy Tickets?

Tickets are $30 for ages 13 and up, ages 5-12 are $20 and children 4 and under are free. You can purchase tickets at the door or in advance on their website.

There are still a limited number of Buy One, Get One Tickets on

Shining a Light on Clipper Magazine and Champions of Local Business

As we gear up for the Big Cat Bash at the Big Cat Habitat, there’s another layer of celebration that’s just as thrilling. The event is also a platform to celebrate and recognize the invaluable role of Clipper Magazine and, especially their 2023 “Best of” winners. These entities aren’t just names on a banner; they are pivotal players in spotlighting and uplifting our local businesses.

Clipper Magazine and The Unsung Heroes of Local Advertising

Let’s take a moment to truly appreciate what Clipper Magazine and do for our community. These platforms are more than just advertising mediums; they’re the bridges that connect us to the best of Venice. They provide a stage for local businesses to shine, showcasing their services and products to a broader audience.

How They Bolster Our Local Gems

Imagine the quaint café down the street, the family-owned pizzeria, or the boutique with handcrafted treasures – all these businesses thrive partly due to the visibility and customer reach provided by Clipper Magazine and Through their innovative advertising solutions, these businesses find their way into our mailboxes and digital screens, inviting us to explore and embrace the local flavor of Venice.

Celebrating the “Best of” Local Talent

The “Best of” contest run by these platforms isn’t just an accolade; it’s a testament to quality, customer service, and community love. These winners have not only excelled in their offerings but have also created a bond with the community, a bond that Clipper Magazine and skillfully help to strengthen and celebrate.

Why This Matters

In a world increasingly dominated by global chains, the role of platforms like Clipper Magazine and becomes crucial. They champion the unique, the local, and the personal. By supporting these platforms, we’re not just supporting businesses; we’re nurturing the very essence of community spirit.

So, as we revel in the festivities of the Big Cat Bash, let’s also acknowledge and support these platforms. Let’s use them as our guides to discover and revisit the finest local offerings. Every coupon used, every deal grabbed, and every new place discovered through Clipper Magazine and is a step towards sustaining the vibrant mosaic of our local business scene.

Join Us in This Dual Celebration

On December 8th, as we gather for a night of adventure and philanthropy, let’s also celebrate our local heroes and the platforms that bring them into the limelight. The Big Cat Bash is not just a night for the animals; it’s a night for us – our businesses, our community, our pride.

I can’t wait to share this wonderful night with you, where every cheer for the big cats is also a cheer for the heart and soul of our community, amplified by Clipper Magazine and

So, Venice Foodies, let’s come together under the starlit sky of Big Cat Habitat. Let’s laugh, dance, eat, and most importantly, give back to the community and the magnificent creatures that share our world. I’ll be there, heart full and spirit soaring, ready to embrace all the joy and warmth this event promises.

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