When you are hunting for mobile Food Trucks in Venice, Florida, it can take some hunting. Let’s check out all the cool trucks that made it past all these crazy regulations to bring us some incredible food! (Hint: You probably should pin this, or at least bookmark this.)

Why You Should Check Out The Food Trucks in Venice

What is a food truck? Should I be worried about the safety of eating out of one? A food truck is essentially a restaurant on wheels. They are easily spotted by their logo, menu and usually where they park for the day. Unlike the roach coaches of old, these food trucks are held to exceptionally high health and safety measures and are subjected to inspections from the health department. Food trucks are dominating our hearts and our stomachs as they come out with incredible flavors and foods to rival the top restaurants in our area.

A guide to food trucks in venice florida

While we do have a large number of restaurants that are offering takeout, delivery and curbside carryout, there is another Foodie scene in town! Our local food truck owners are resilient and more determined than ever to carve out their success in our little slice of paradise. From knock your socks off pizza to locally made sausages, authentic lobster rolls to killer BBQ, these food trucks are serving up food that leaves you craving another bite.

What Food Trucks Are Located Near Venice?

Dog Friendly Gourmet Hot Dogs

Brent was born and raised in Venice and he loves nothing more than feeding the locals. Dog Friendly Gourmet Hot Dogs is so much more than a hot dog cart. These gourmet hot dogs are amazing, but for private events, he can also use his extensive catering experience to bring more to the table! His schedule constantly changes, so follow him on Facebook to see where he’ll pop up next! Our favorites are the NYC (kraut, onions, spicy mustard), the Cincinnati (chili, onion, mustard and beer cheez) and of course the classic Chicago (pickled jalapeno, neon relish, pickle, onions, tomatoes, mustard and celery salt on a poppyseed roll). You’ll want to try them all! (Ask about his Taste The Cart specials or his Dog Father!) Thursday nights, he also offers late night delivery in Venice from 10pm – 1am.

Parise Coffee

Parise Coffee
Cannoli Affogato

Parise Coffee will be at their home location, 200 E. Base Ave at the Venice Mercato, On The Island, every Thursday- Friday and Saturday! 10 am-3 pm. You can enjoy all their delectable treats inside their headquarters or outside in the lovely weather while you indulge in their irresistible Cornettis (We love the Cornetti with Proscuitto, Brie and Apricot Preserves). And if you’re looking for a unique treat, don’t forget to try their mouthwatering Affogato! See it in the image above, the Cannoli Affogato has a wonderful vanilla ice cream with a bold espresso poured over and topped with scrumptious cannoli cream, chocolate chips, a cannoli shell chip and a cherry on top! Plus, Parise Coffee’s outdoor swing is the perfect place to relax and unwind with friends while you sip on your favorite beverage and listen to some chill tunes. So come on down and join the fun!

Sausage Express

Sausage Express serves up that grilled comfort food at an affordable price. Their sausage sandwiches are what they are most known for, but don’t let the name fool you. The menu is full of delicious choices! They recently opened a brick and mortar location called Local Spot 941 in the ark plaza, serving up their famous Reuben sandwiches along with other daily specials for only $10. Because of this, they are currently only opening on Sundays and Mondays located at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts in Venice from 11-2.

They have a full menu including burgers, hot dogs, cheesesteaks, Reubens, salads, and more. Check out their Facebook page for their up-to-date schedule and specials.

Sausage Express Food Truck in Venice Florida

Allen’s BBQ & Seafood

While they have a regular spot in North Port, recently Allen’s BBQ & Seafood has been spotted in Venice. Be sure to check their Facebook Page for an up-to-date schedule.

The Maine Line

The Maine Line lobster roll in venice

The Maine Line is a food truck that travels all over Sarasota and Venice. They have secured a regular spot at Cooks Sportland just south of Jacaranda on 41 on Wednesdays from 10:30 am – 2:30 pm along with random popups at our local communityes. You can follow their page for their full schedule! Known for their Lobster Rolls and Whoopie Pies, if you see them on the side of the road, pull over! The clam chowder is creamy and delicious and if you ask nicely, they’ll let you sample it before getting a whole bowl (which you will.)

Grace’s Taste of Poland

Our Polish friends absolutely love this food truck. While they were mainly in Charlotte county for a while, they have been popping up in Venice on occassion! When we discovered them, we just had to go and try as much as possible. The goulash is like the stew your mom made in the winter when everything was too cold and that warm bowl at dinner was every happy feeling you could have. I have to rave about the Mega Kielbasa Sub though, it’s MASSIVE. The saurkraut is spot on, perfect and the diced bell peppers finish it off nicely. We loved the pierogies, the kielbasa on a stick and the potato pancake too! Bring your wallet and prepare to buy it all, you won’t be sorry.

GitChewSum BBQ

Git Chew Sum BBQ started as cooking for coworkers and friends, A local Venice family serving up competition-level BBQ to the locals. The have recently began focusing on catering, so their schedule can vary, so check out their Facebook page for their upcoming locations, hours and specials. Call (941) 915-2662 or gitchewsumbbq@gmail.com to place your order! For their complete schedule, check the events page on their Facebook.

Nas Philly Steaks

duck fat fries and philly cheesesteaks in venice florida

New to the Food Truck scene in Venice is Nas Philly Steaks. Mainly cruising around Sarasota and Bradenton, Nas is looking to pop up in Venice too! For their full schedule, you can follow them on Facebook or StreetFoodFinder. The menu boasts of various different cheesesteak sandwiches, all Philly style and reasonably priced under $11. The real prize? Duck Fat Fries. It’s definitely a side dish to add to your bucket list of foods. For booking information, email nasphillystraks@gmail.com

Street Harvest

The street harvest food truck offers delicious tacos, fajitas, burritos and more at this big yellow truck! Recently they have been spotted in our local communities such as Bay Indies and Gran Palm, Follow their page for the full schedule!

Untamed Kitchen

Untamed Kitchen has a flair for unique food from the sea, the local pub, and street food. While their menu varies with location, you can always find something to fit almost anyone. By far, their most popular item is their unique pineapple “boats” which include sweet n sour chicken, sweet n sour shrimp, or surf n turf. For the “pub” type foodie there are unique tacos such as regular beef, “drunken” steak, shrimp, and yellowfin tuna. For the quesadilla enthusiast, there is the most popular, Cuban Quesadilla. For the fry lover, there are fries galore with their AWARD WINNING Mac n Cheese!

Other Local Food Trucks near Venice Include:

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