Grilled Chicken and Brie Panini

Served with a sweet and spicy peach compote

Florida means summer flavors all year long!

The recipe for the spicy peach compote is enough for your sandwich and then some! Grab a Mason Jar and store the extra to use on grilled meats, crusty breads... use your imagination!

Grab Everything You Need to Make The Perfect Panini... A Hearty Ciabatta, Creamy Brie, Spicy Arugula, Tender Chicken Breast and of course that wonderful Peach Compote!

Then Start Assembling It. Ciabatta First, Spread the compote, 

Add On Your Arugula, as much or as little as you would like. Arugula has a strong peppery flavor that will really highlight the compote

Slice Up The Chicken Breast into manageable pieces to fit on your sandwich and then layer it on top of the arugula.

A few slices of that creamy brie on top of the chicken will finish off the sandwich. I always say to measure with your heart. Cheese is DELICIOUS

Close Up Your Sandwich and Get it Ready For The Grill Sometimes, I like to add a little bit of garlic butter to the top for extra flavor. But, I'm a garlic nut.

Serve it with crispy potato chips for a lunch worthy of a summer afternoon. and when you're in Venice... It's Summer All Year Long!