I have memories as a child of going with my grandmother to the butcher for fresh meats, cheeses and various other goods. Now that I’m an adult, I still seek out these specialty shops in Venice, especially a butcher.

Papa’s Meat Market offers a wide variety of meats, cheeses and prepared foods for sale. Jason’s favorite item is the shrimp salad and once we walk in the door, they know exactly what he wants first. (I can pretty much guarantee that the container will be gone before I have even finished shopping.)

Recently adding a new take out menu, we also grabbed teriyaki wings. I have to say that these wings are my favorite in all of Venice. Slightly sweet teriyaki sauce that is made in-house coats the outside (It is the same marinade as the tri-tips if you have had them!) Unlike so many other places, the wings and drumsticks have a lot of meat on the bone, perfectly juicy on the inside and has a nice crispy crunch on the outside without the extra carbs of breading.

Elena loves the Shepard’s pie, so we brought that home for dinner tonight. Creamy mashed potatoes, carrots, green beans, peas and meat, it’s total comfort food! Best part is it only took 20 minutes in the oven so we could have a princess movie night instead of me cooking!

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