After an appointment for Jason, we were searching for a restaurant in Osprey for lunch. Jason had a strong craving for Mexican food and considering where we were, we had to stop by Los Portales. You are automatically given chips and salsa, and these are not Tostitos… Thick and obviously made fresh, it was hard to resist eating more than one (for research, obviously!)

For lunch, I chose the Mexican chimichurri steak and Jason went with the Shrimp a la Diabla. We both chose avocado fries and fried yucca as our side dish.

We did try a tortilla, and let me tell you, resisting the carbs is difficult. It’s pretty clear that everything here is made from scratch, fresh.

My steak was a grilled skirt steak with a vibrant chimichurri sauce and queso fresco. While I found the cilantro to be a bit over-powering, I also recognize that cilantro and I don’t always get along.

Jason’s shrimp had a nice kick from the peppers, (which I kept sneaking bites of) and the acidity from the roasted lemon brought it all together.

As for the sides, the avocado fries had a very light batter. Just enough to give a crunch without taking away from the creamy avocado flavor.

The fried yucca is very similar to a thick french fry and topped with queso fresco. (I discovered later that I mistook yucca for jicama in terms of carbs). So, as far as low carb goes, we failed today, but it was still a REALLY good meal.

If you have visited Los Portales before, what is your favorite dish? If you haven’t tried it, when are you going to go? Comment below and tell us all about it!

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